My german GrandMa`s CookBook

„My german Grandmother`s CookBook is a downloadable e-Book. On over 65 pages I have collected a collection of proven & popular old German recipes, which I myself know from my childhood and since then always enjoy. Whether it’s stews, Sunday roasts, desserts, or quickly prepared delicious home cooking, here you’ll find my favorite recipes that my family still enjoys making.

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My german Grandma`s CookBook

First of all – my grandmother was a gifted cook. I loved it when the kitchen smelled of freshly cooked or fried food – after potato pancakes, Sunday roast, or freshly fried herring. But especially at Christmas – when in the oven roasted Christmas goose and baked apples melted in the heated oven.

Leipziger Allerlei - the original

Leipziger Allerlei or potato pancakes - heard of it?

Here is a small excerpt from grandmother’s cookbook. No boomerang diet, no pseudo-trendy food combining – just delicious, traditional German cuisine at its best. The e-book contains good ols receipes on over 65 pages of traditional recipes that my family still enjoys preparing and eating.

Grandma`s Christmas goose with apples

Embark on a culinary journey through time

From Christmas roast goose á la grandmother to healthy vegetable dishes to my favorite dishes from my childhood, I'll show you what our German grandmother conjured up wonderful things on the table. This cookbook is for everyone who loves traditional German cuisine, perhaps has German roots or once emigrated from Germany themselves.

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My grandparents are from near Bremen and I am happy that I was able to recreate original kale for their wedding anniversary with this cookbook. They were really surprised ...
Caroline H.
I have been to Germany many times and the hearty cuisine has always tasted good. Now I can give my friends an impression of these delicious dishes. Thank you
Jonathan E.

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More e-books with recipes from my grandmother

By the way, a 2nd part is already in the works and there is now also a very special cooking & baking book („My German`s Grandma`s Christmas Kitchen“) with hand-picked Christmas recipes of my grandmother. From Christmas roast to Christmas desserts and of course many baked treats from my youth. From my favorite Vanillekipferln to Grandma`s original Stollen recipe.

Well, grandma was simply the best!

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We guarantee a 60 day refund period!