My german Grandmas Christmas Kitchen

„My german Grandma`s Christmas Kitchen" is a downloadable e-Book. On over 70 pages I have collected a collection of proven & popular old German christmas receipes, which I myself know from my childhood and since then always enjoy.
Whether the obligatory stuffed Christmas goose, delicious Christmas desserts or a variety of tempting Christmas typical pastry recipes of course with their secret very own spice mixtures - here you'll find my favorite recipes that my family still enjoys making.

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My Grandma`s Christmas Kitchen

First of all – my grandmother was a gifted cook. I loved it when the kitchen smelled of freshly cooked or fried food. But especially at Christmas – when in the oven roasted Christmas goose and baked apples melted in the heated oven.

Delicious cinnamon cookies in grandmother's style

... and then this wonderful smell of fresh, warm cookies, gingerbread & speculoos began to spread first in the kitchen and then throughout the hole home. It was like a little piece of heaven.

Grandma's orange duck - unsurpassable

"Then, when we stood around the big table in the kitchen, full of expectations, my grandmother put together all the ingredients, divided the work among us children, she began to sing her old christmas songs.

Hallo, my name is Hermann Selchow. I was born in 1956 in a medium-sized town in northeastern Germany.
After our „My german Grandma`s CookBook“ has started surprisingly well, today I would like to share with you some secrets from Grandma`s Christmas kitchen.
As already reported, my grandmother was a gifted cook and of course also a baker. But it was so really nice every year at Christmas. She was full of energy, the oven was warm and fragrant, which I miss so often. She knew a lot of beautiful Christmas songs…


... and this is what our customers say:

My grandparents are from near Bremen and I am happy that I was able to recreate original kale for their wedding anniversary with this cookbook. They were really surprised ...
Caroline H.
As a great-grandson of German immigrants, I have always been interested in my roots. Therefore, this cookbook is just what I needed. I will certainly try out some things...
Jonathan E.

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By the way, I have already published „My German Grandma`s CookBook“ Part I. A 2nd part is already in the works with handpicked recipes from my grandmother. It will contain mostly stews & desserts and of course baked goodies from my childhood.
Obviously, Grandma`s recipe collection is an inexhaustible fund of tradition and heartwarmers.

Well, grandma was simply the best!

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